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String and Bone

String and Bone is a trio that combines disparate musical instruments and styles into an unlikely yet engaging new sound. String and Bone is to folk music what peanut-butter and jelly is to primary school lunches. This unique band is comprised of Jerome Argue (kidnapped from Fremantle Chamber Orchestra with his cello), Karri Harper-Meredith (trombone and harmonium player on loan from Junkadelic) and Tim Darby (who learned to play ukulele while milking his goats).

String and Bone combines thought-provoking lyrical story telling with vocal harmonies and some folk funk fusion. . . . Quirky, funny, heartfelt and always interesting, they will leave you with happy ears, a warm feeling in your belly and catchy earworms rolling around in your brain long after the performance echoes fade away.

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